Bandung Car Rental.


We are one of car rental providers in Bandung that have experienced handling customers from various backgrounds. Car rental in Bandung is one of our service products as one of travel agent in Bandung.

Car rental in Bandung is an alternative for tourists who travel in Bandung besides ordering Tour Packages. By booking your car rental, it will be easier to visit tourism objects in Bandung. Our drivers are also experienced in guiding tourists to the tourist attractions. In addition we also handle car rental in Bandung with various purposes, such as for business needs.

Price List of Car Rental In Bandung

Toyota Avanza (7 seat)

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IDR 500.000,- / 16 hours

Toyota Avanza Rental – is a product of Japanese car manufacturer that has been famous in Indonesia, TOYOTA. Toyota Avanza car is a type of MPV car with a modern and dynamic design. This type of car is not novel in Indonesia. We have some Toyota Avanza units starting from 2014 of year and well maintained. Here is the price of car rental in Bandung for Toyota Avanza.

Toyota Innova (7 seat)

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IDR 700.000,- / 16 hours

Kijang Innova Rental – Just like the Toyota Avanza, Kijang Innova is another variant manufactured by Toyota. Type of this car is widely spread throughout Indonesia. Kijang Innova comes with a wider cabin than Yoyota Avanza does. We provide a well-maintained Kijang Innova car rental services for your convenience. Here is the price of car rental in Bandung for Kijang Innova.

Toyota HIACE (15 seat)

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IDR 1.100.000,- / 16 hours

Toyota Hiace Rental – Toyota Hiace is Toyota’s newest car that is comfort with spaciousness. Toyota Hiace has a capacity of 15 passengers. We provide a well-maintained Toyota Hiace rental service for your convenience

Elf Isuzu (19 seat)

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IDR 1.100.000,- / 16 hours

ISUZU ELF 12 seats Rental – Isuzu Elf is a passenger car that has been familiarly used for public transportation. Many users of travel services Jakarta-Bandung use Isuzu Elf as a fleet. We provide Isuzu Elf 12 seats rental service.

The benefits of our car rental services in Bandung

New cars and regular maintenance.

Our units can be relied upon your needs, besides the car is new, we do the units maintenance periodically. So you do not have to worry about our unit constraints when traveling.

Experienced driver.

Our driver is experienced in the field of rental services and also tours both in the area of Bandung and outside of Bandung. So our driver can be a guide when you want to use car rental services in Bandung for a trip. In addition to this, our driver is also friendly and reliable.

Give priority to your comfort.

For the betterment of the company, you are our priority, so we will always be maximally in your sense of security and comfort when using our services. We always believe that customer satisfaction is an asset for our progress. We want to be the number oneof choice for you when you need car rental service in Bandung.


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